Digging through my unpublished digital files, that's to say, those drawings that at least saw the light of the scanner (many others weren't even that lucky and lay forgotten in my obscure and analogue cabinet), I found this odd assortment of pachydermic abstractions from back when I was still looking for the forms (and style) of my Memorias y balanceos book.

As you can see, in addition to the usual tentative ink blotches and pen lines, there was even a single page comic.

Artwork for hardcover book endpapersAbstract pen and ink drawingAbstract pen and ink drawing of some kind of elephantInk blotches elephant illustrationThe Thinker: an elephant drawingElephant''s trunks watercolor drawingThe GuysFirst panel of The Guys comicSecond panel of The Guys comicThird panel of The Guys comicFourth panel of The Guys comicEnd panel of The Guys comic
  • Artwork for hardcover book endpapers
  • Abstract pen and ink drawing
  • Abstract pen and ink drawing of some kind of elephant
  • Ink blotches elephant illustration
  • The Thinker: an elephant drawing
  • Elephant''s trunks watercolor drawing
The Guys comic