Into an ink spot Book Cover

Into An Ink Spot*

A book of pictures found within ink and watercolor stains

*The original title of the book in Spanish is En un lugar de la mancha. A play on words quoting the famous sentence which Don Quixote De La Mancha begins with.

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  • Illustrated book page photo
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This book compiles many of the drawings and texts I posted on my blog (in Spanish) for the last ten years. I already translated and recklessly posted most of them in the English version of my blog too. But as you can tell, I am far from proficient in this language. On top of that, this particular book is full of silly puns like the one in the title. For all the above, so far the book is only available in its original Spanish language. But you can help me change it!


The book is organized into three chapters. The first two replicate the categories of the blog with (more or less) the same name in which each text/drawing was originally published. And the third, gathers several drawings originally scattered into more vague sketchbook categories.

Clicking on the covers bellow you can flip through the pages of each chapter tailored for online reading.

Chapter one:

Illustrated Bestiary

Fantastic beasts born overnight during the hypnotic wandering of the pencil or the pen on the white paper surface.

Illustrated Bestiary on the Skethcbook

Tapa bestiario ilustradoTapa bestiario ilustrado

Chapter Two:


A compendium of apocryphal illustrations for Made-up anonymous and oral tradition stories.

Folktales from Nowhere on the Skethcbook

Tapa bestiario ilustradoTapa cuentos

Chapter Three:

Mud Stories*

*"Romances de barro" in Spanish

Vignettes brought together by the unmistakable and inevitable influence of the southern swamp slum of the world where they were created.

Mud Stories on the Skethcbook

Romances de barro coverTapa romances

About the printed edition

Each copy was printed and bound by myself in my studio and published in November 2019 by Minusculario Ediciones (our small art and illustrated books press).

  • Size: 15x15 cms
  • Hardcover edition with matte laminated dust jacket
  • Interiors: 84 color pages 150grs matte paper
  • Photo detail of illustrated boardbook cover
  • Hardcover book photo
  • Dustjacket and endsheets
  • Illustrated Bestiary chapter pages
  • Folktales chapter pages
  • Mud Stories chapter pages
  • Illustrated Bestiary chapter pages

The printed book is available at the Minusculario Store

Free PDF Download

You can download the complete book (in Spanish) for free in PDF format.

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